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Our story of how we got into BBQ is an inspiring one. From a young age, I had a passion for cooking and a dream of one day owning a restaurant. Years later, while serving on the Lowrey Fire Department, I was presented with the challenge of cooking for an upcoming event. After a successful outing, I was hooked. We were able to acquire a large offset smoker that had been built by Jerry Cole many years before, specifically for the Fire Department. I had seen this smoker at every rodeo, event, or fundraiser I had attended, always loaded down with delicious smoked meat. After some hard work, we were able to restore the smoker to its former glory and began competing in professional BBQ competitions. The learning curve was steep, but it was great to have a cooker with so much history. One day, while smoking some meat, we noticed the two plumes of smoke coming out of the double smokestacks and knew that Double Barrel BBQ would be our name. To this day, our logo features two smokestacks to remind us of the man who built the great smoker that started this journey and all of the history behind it. With our experience from years on the competition circuit, we strive to bring the best BBQ experience possible.

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